Pai Gow Poker

Poker is certainly the most well-known gambling and played in the Western world. The origins of this beautiful game has never been clarified, although experts have come to some assumptions. It is thought to have originated in China as Indian, Persian or Egyptian, and as it has spread.

Other assumptions are that arrived in the United States through immigration in New Orleans Frenchmen who may have been the first to introduce the game of Pique utilizing cards with spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. The Pique would then spread up the Mississippi and Ohio with the English workers involved in the construction of the railway and should have changed the name from Pique in poker, then would take him with them in the Civil War and widespread in the east of the continent.

The turning point total of Poker was in the 70s when he became Video Poker and entered the gaming rooms under a different guise, the electronic part. In the 90s he then entered the large computer network of the Internet thanks to the many online casinos such as around the world.

Anyone who wants to play will have to follow the first player in paying the bet. The dealer hours ask "who" and "how many" cards you want to change and in which each player can decide whether to continue playing or retire and leave the pot among the remaining contenders. Whoever has the highest score. If you withdraw all but one of the remaining player wins the pot.