Rapid Reels Slot from Microgaming

Theme of the gambling machine fast Reels doesn't have an effect on fast-spinning machine reels, together would possibly suppose from the name. It interprets as "Stormy whirlpools"; therefore it's a subject matter. During this there's one thing very similar: the thrill of moving forward, the fragility of the changing things, pride in themselves, and the boldness to pass dangerous places and troublesome turns, and eventually due the enjoyment of success.

General description

A combine of bold rafters during a rubber boat, designed for rafting on the quick mountain rivers, row on the income. Decision making by the expressions of joy on their faces all goes well. Of course, we should always not relax: such travel - risky hobbies, however not for nothing that our adventurers wearing onerous hats and orange safety vests - all for security, and a real friend won't let the road. Fast Reels - the classic machine with three reels (not progressive) and also the five paylines. It comes with a Wild-symbol; scatter image and a most payout on the jackpot of $30,000. Denomination coins vary from quarter to 5 bucks. Thus, the speed starts at twenty five cents and may be up to $ twenty five.


A set of gambling symbols on the reels are very austere - nothing more. The stress on speed and concentration instead of contemplation. Common-place labels Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar and Bar to settle on from. Seven colored water - however not owing to the wave of bucks, because the pattern and this water - cold and unpredictable. It depicts a cheerful river man, who dexterously wielding a paddle, moving through turbulent eddies. Jackpot machine is thirty thousand bucks.


Cute machine while not registration players can appreciate its dynamic style; however the essence of the game Lord of the Ocean remains identical. The game attracts to those that love the classics and isn't longing for new product. Transfer machine is free.

The game has no melody, which conjointly specifies the character of the game. We detected a rustling noise and casinos. A gambling machine and not a slot that may be packed with numerous options done, like a bonus game, free spins and alternative pleasures, however rather shows the fast whirlpool of graphic style, that the slot is appropriate rather those that aren't afraid to urge bored.